Create your list to keep your mind prepared to meet adversity

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Start With Today

Mindfulness is a practice. The practice is the only way to be present.

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Practice awareness and find a sense…

Writing strategies for the busy writer

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Temperaments and Personality Disorders

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“While many introverts appear quiet, they are not generally afraid of other people”

Emotional regulation is one of the best skills you can practice

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The One Thing You Can Control

Food for Thought

Darth Vader (Lucasfilm)

Limits only exist when you create them in your mind.

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  • What do you do when certainty eludes you?
  • How to regain your confidence back again?
  • Can we restore our self-belief?
  • How do you get your flow back?

Confidence: another name for self-belief and complete trust in your abilities.

Confidence Re-imagined

Gaining Self-Confidence: Tips You Need To Know

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“Confidence is everything. Confidence is what makes that simple white tee and jeans look good.” — Ciara

5 Reminders I Use To Keep Social

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I have always been naturally quiet and for the longest time, I thought that was a negative trait.

Embrace curiosity to live a full and empowering life

Jonathan Printers Jr.

Procrastination is your friend. Learn to get along. Psychotherapist. A collection of my favorites & thoughts. (@activat3official)

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